Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub)

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The AESIP Hub, part of the Army’s Business Systems Integration Program, is a cutting-edge, unified structure for software development and design that facilitates the development, rollout, and administration of business systems for soldiers in the field. Using the Army AESIP Hub, companies can more easily and rapidly develop solutions that are adaptable, scalable, and consistent with the needs of the Army.

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub)

Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub) is a central repository for all company-wide data and a means of internal contact, and it plays a key role in the Army’s efforts to change. Because of its open architecture, the AESIP Hub offers both positional awareness data and merged command and control data, allowing for better situational awareness and decision-making.

Supporting the acquisition process from concept to operational systems, the AESIP Hub provides information from a central location for Soldiers, residents, friends, and families. The AESIP Hub also enhances communication between Soldiers, their commanders, joint force leaders, and other stakeholders by providing access to shared doctrine, common interfaces, intelligence products and services, real-time battle management system capabilities, hypervisor toolsets for managed services deployments across Department of Defense Enterprise Information Networks (DOD EINs), and performance metrics for feedback loops on system development programs.

(PAR). DFM manages data entry from various sources across DOD EINs into the AESIP Hub, while DL&P ensures that end users have access to the most up-to-date policy papers, toolkits/modules developed by outside parties in collaboration with CESG/AFME&I or Army employees in support of transformation efforts. Using a modularized approach, SDLM organizes developmental tasks to facilitate responsiveness to change.

What is the AESIP Hub?

The AESIP Hub is a web-based program that integrates enterprise systems throughout the Army.  Each module allows users to connect to different systems and databases to share information. The system management module allows administrators to manage all aspects of the AESIP Hub interface.

The data exchange module allows users to exchange information with other Army systems. The message routing and delivery module routes messages between different systems based on their priority level. The collaboration tools module provides tools for users to collaborate on documents and data. Lastly, the system performance monitoring module provides administrators with real-time information about system performance.

The AESIP Hub has been in use by the Army for over 10 years and has been successful in integrating enterprise systems throughout the Army. It has allowed Soldiers, civilians, and contractors to easily share information with each other while improving system performance

How does the AESIP Hub help the Army?

The AESIP Hub serves as a focal point around which soldiers can collaborate on projects and receive timely feedback from their teammates.

The AESIP Hub also provides soldiers with access to business system integration tools such as task lists, templates, and procedures. These aid Soldiers in completing their tasks quickly and efficiently. If you’re experiencing issues with the compatibility of your company systems, the AESIP Hub is a great location to discuss solutions.

The AESIP Hub is the result of collaboration between the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), the United States Army Materiel Command (AMC), and others in the military. Currently in its trial phase, the AESIP Hub is expected to go live to the public in the latter half of 2017.

Benefits of the AESIP Hub

The Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program hub (AESIP Hub) provides a central location for organizations to share and utilize enterprise-level systems. By logging into the AESIP Hub, users can manage their applications and data, share what they’ve learned, and collaborate with others. In addition, it provides a method of checking the effectiveness and reliability of your system.


In the current competitive business environment, companies are looking for ways to improve their processes and relations with partners. Collaboration between corporate tools is one way to achieve this goal. (ESI). Using an AESIP Hub, your business can connect with its partners in an instant for improved collaboration and decision-making. If expanding your customer base and streamlining internal operations are two of your top priorities, an AESIP Hub could be the way to go.

Army Enterprise Systems Integration Program Hub (AESIP Hub)

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